auto locksmith Sheffield

Auto locksmith Sheffield

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  • Ford focus 99-05
  • Toyota avensis
  • Renault key card
  • BMW Diamond key
  • Alfa romeo
  • Subaru impreza
  • Mini
  • Ford transit
  • Volkswagon all cars
  • Seat all modelst
  • Mercedes all models
  • Hyundai and Kia

The guys at auto locksmith Sheffield did a great job in getting me back on the road when I dropped my keys down the grid. They were with me in 30 minutes. thank you so much.


- Clare,chapeltown


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Lost car keys can leave you in a dilemma, but don't worry at Sheffield auto locksmiths we are able to come to your home or work place or even a car park in the city centre. We have the latest technology to be able to open your car proffesionally without damaging locks, scratching the paint of the door or even breaking a window. We have the most highly trained engineers who can gain access to the car and then have the ability to be able to cut a key to the existing locks saving you from the dreaded lock change. Unless of course your car keys have been stolen and your insurance insist on a lock change. This isn't a problem we can help you. We can save you money by using the existing locks and changing the combination inside the barrell itself. Once the keys have been made to the car there is still a problem of having the car programmed, this means that your car can be opened and locked but cannot be started. This is due to an anti-theft system installed by the manufacturer stopping any unwanted people from taking the vehicle from it's owner. The immobiliser (anti-theft system) has to be programmed, so that the key can be recognised by the immobiliser and allow the engine to start up. Every car is different and we have the ability to do 99% of the vehicles that are on the road in today's society. We can cut lost car keys for all makes including the popular cars such as toyota, volkswagon, audi, seat, skoda, ford, vauxhall and many more.....


Please don't hesitate to call us and talk to one of our engineers and not a call centre.

When in an emergency We always try to get to you within the hour so you can get on with your day with as little stress as possible.

Standard keys, remotes and transponders


Standard keys are initially thought of having no transponder chip inserted in the key. This isn't always the case as many cars after 1990 have a tiny transponder chip inserted in to the black plastic. This transponder chip is programmed to the immobiliser system inserted by the manufacturer of the car. This was designed to stop the theft of a vehicle, it controls the fuel pump by sending a signal to the ecu as to whether to allow it to switch on or not. The remote part of your car key is designed to unlock your car by the press of a button. Although this does not switch your car immobiliser system on or off it designed just for the simplicity of not having to put your key in the car door lock to gain you access.

Todays Technology on vehicles


Technology on todays car's is improving everyday.


As technology progreses everyday this is also put into action with the vehicles of this day and age. Many car manufacturers are now building cars that are eco friendly and run on electricity to improve our pollution . This can only be a good thing as new car'snow have built in satellite navigation and full proximity on the car key. This enables you to leave your car key in your pocket or handbag without having to get it out at any stage of your driving for day to day. The new keys work on electrical puses which can detect when the key and car are close enough to be able to talk to each other and then unlocks your vehicle. Once in the veghicle it then switches the immobiler off when you press the button ton dash board. An electric steering lock then enables you to turn your wheel for steering. When you have finished your journey and you press the stop start button again the cars immobileser comes active again and when you leave the car it will automatically lock when at a safe distance from the vehicle. Many vehicles already use smart keys in some form, whether it be a Mercedes pod key or a key card on a Renault.